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In the early twentieth century,shopping is necessary in our life perhaps it is important to shop as to get our needed things.However,shopping itself is very abstract and is like an addiction to some people either women or men. It is similar to other addictive behaviors and has some of the same characteristics as problem drinking (alcoholism), gambling and overeating addictions.Compulsive shopping,impulsive shopping or it’s scientific name is oniomania give a bad effect when this habit is out of control especially in relationships and finances. It can bankrupt families and lead to broken homes .People who ‘shop till they drop’ and run their credit cards up to the limit or an obsession with shopping that significantly interferes with the functioning of the individual is the meaning of impulsive shopping. According to research, people also buy a lot more expensive stuff when they’re depressed,lonely or angry.


‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ means that take step to control yourself during shop is better than think’out of the box’the best solution to pay all financial debt you obtain from compulsive shopping.I know it sounds difficult to controly ourself from shopping as there are many alternatives way to see advertise which is make us feel excited and wonderful about shopping trough internet like Zawara,Zalora,Whizet or in newspaper,electronic media such as television and radio.So,in my opinion,you must use your money wisely and be prepared of yourself by take a few step on how to prevent oniomania habit before you head out to go shopping at mall,discount warehouse or shopping districts.

There are many step you can take such as make a shopping list,pick up a new hobby and seek out counseling or support group.First of all,make a shopping list. Before you head out the door to go shopping, make a list of exactly what you need. Force yourself to write down everything thing you buy on a daily basis. Set a goal of only spending a certain amount on a monthly basis. Be very detailed in your description of each item that you're looking for and make sure it's an item you actually must have. When you leave the house, take your list with you, stay focused and only buy the items on your list. When you see an item in the store you think you might like, keep it in mind, but out of the cart. After a day or two, you may come to realize you don't actually need the item. If you decide you do want the item, add it to your next shopping list.

 Each time you go shopping and buy only what's on your list, reward yourself with a small treat such as a cappuccino at a coffee cafĂ©. This positively reinforces your good behavior. Many people who suffer from compulsive shopping addiction have no idea how much money they're spending each month. They blindly pull out their credit card for their next purchase without regard how those "little purchases" are adding up.Destroy your credit cards and shop only with cash, a debit card or a check to avoid spending money that you do not have.When you carry around cash, your payment is tangible. Unlike with credit cards, you’ll actually have to take the time and count how much you’re giving at the counter. This prevents overspending, because you can easily keep track of how much you’re going to spend.Then,you also can obtain lowest price by shopping around first and compare stores in your community as a quality,service,location,cleanliness and price.

Besides,you also can prevent oniomania by picking up a new hobby or fill an empty space in your life with other interesting and creative activities. Sometimes compulsive shopping is done out of boredom .Find alternative things to do to replace your shopping trips and explore opportunities for joining local clubs in your area. Instead of hitting your favorite stores, or shopping only, channel your energy into more positive activities like exercising, reading or pursuing a hobby. If you're busy, especially if you're doing something fun and physical sports, you will not only be too occupied to do mindless shopping, you'll also be engaged in a healthy, stress-busting activity.. You may discover that there are more enjoyable ways to spend the day than spending money at the mall. Replace shopping with exercise and do walk or some other form of exercise.Challenge yourself and setting a healthy goal.Find differences in your life when working toward goal.

Final step of prevention of oniomania habit is seek out counseling or support group.If you feel your spending is so out of control and you cannot wrestle with the problem alone,try joining a support group, such as The Stopping Overshopping Program ( can try attending a Debtors Anonymous meeting.To find meeting times and locations in your area,visit the Debtors Anonymous website and click on “Find a DA Meeting”.Many shoppers have recovered with the assistance of this program.If group work is not your style,seek out a help hotline via telephone or Internet.For  more serious intervention,the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery at Proctor Hospital offers an in-patient treatment program for compulsive spenders and debtors. By getting to the root of why you consistently splurge, you'll understand how your habits first began and how to combat the cultural and media influences that make you want to hit the mall and shop unnecessarily or in excess.

To conclude,most people are guilty of impulse spending now and then,but for some individuals overspending for no solid reason can lead to misery and debt.Shoppers can stop themselves from impulsively spending by watching out  for triggers which cause indulgent spending activity and by planning for a sound economic future.You can beat the compulsive shopping addiction. Just listen to common sense, practice a little self-discipline, and follow the guidelines above.Your money will be used on other personal matters, such as the kid's college fund. Compulsive shopping addiction doesn't have to rule your life. By being aware of the problem and taking some simple steps to break the cycle of spending, you can stop shopping addiction.You must try to shop like most men. It is really save your money,time and energy.It’s worth it when you regret at beginner than you regret when your financial debt is increased worsely.

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